Painting pet portraits is one of my passions. I would like to work with you and your pet to create your custom portrait that reflects your pet’s physical characteristics as well as lets their soul shine through. I love to meet the animals if possible for correct color representation and then paint exclusively from photographs. The higher the resolution of the photograph the better.

Below are some sample prices for standard portraits. Special requests, some multicolor breeds and more than one animal per painting are extra.


6×6 – 150 $

8×10, 10×10 – 300 $

12×12, 11×14 – 400 $

16×20 – 700 $

Additional sizes are available.

CANVAS: You have a choice of a gallery canvas, which has a 1,5” wide side that gets painted as well and does not need a frame or a traditional canvas that will look best in a wooden frame. Prices are the same for the gallery canvas or the traditional canvas including the wooden frame.

PHOTOGRAPHS: The detail of the painting is directly related to the quality of the photograph that you provide. Additional photos are always welcome since they are helpful as reference for color and close-up details.